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 Do you have a narcissistic parent or family member and want to break free, but you're overwhelmed with guilt?


 Are you divorcing a narcissist and your head is spinning with all the lies they're telling about you?


 Are you having difficulty co-parenting with a narcissist and need to learn better strategies to cope?


 Are you ready to heal but don't know how to move on?


 I understand exactly how you feel because I've been there and would love to help you get through this time with beautiful   patience (sabrun jameel)

 “So endure patiently, with a beautiful patience.” (Surat al-Ma`arij 70:5)

If you need direction and someone that understands and listens with a compassionate ear, join me for a 45-minute session


Naureen Ahmed

Relationship & Trauma Coach | Founding Director SEEMA
Speaker | Writer | Podcaster | Therapist-in-Training

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