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Naureen Ahmed is a Pakistani-American Muslim, born and raised in the South, and a current Chicago-land resident. She is a business graduate with over 10 years of experience working in Finance. Naureen is currently pursuing her Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Northwestern University and completed her practicum training at Khalil Center in Islamically-integrated psychotherapy.

Naureen is the Founding Director of SEEMA, a national mental health organization for Muslims, named after her late mother, Seema. ​SEEMA advocates for mental health by way of support groups, educational workshops and podcasts, and providing access to resources and therapists for the Muslim community. 


Naureen has been featured in NPRPBS NewshourPsychology Today, and American Muslim Today discussing her work with SEEMA.

Naureen is a Relationship & Trauma Coach, helping individuals and families around the world learn the tools to make relationships thrive, such as vulnerability, attentive listening, speaking empathetically, boundary setting, and conflict resolution skills. She also helps women heal from emotional abuse, codependency, attachment trauma, love addiction, etc. She has established herself as an expert on cluster B personality disorders and is highly sought after for speaking engagements and educational workshops around the world.

​Naureen runs several online support groups for MyUmmah pertaining to mental health, self-development, and for single Muslim women. She is a former Advisory Board member of the International Students of Islamic Psychology. Naureen is also a member of the interfaith and new Muslim committees at her local mosque. 


MyUmmah Member

Your messages always soothe me and strengthen my emaan (faith)

MyUmmah Member

Thank you for boosting our morale and building hope with your beautiful messages

MyUmmah Member

You have given hope and inspiration to those who are struggling with their life and you have given hope to caregivers as well


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Naureen Ahmed

Relationship & Trauma Coach | Founding Director SEEMA
Speaker | Writer | Podcaster | Therapist-in-Training

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